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According to recent news release, Wordweaver's target readers are women in their 50s and beyond who are probably past their pursuits of fame, honor and pleasures and are now in search of wisdom, peace and true joy. Worldwide trend favors ebooks as most convenient and cost effective compared to the traditional print books. Wordweaver Inspiring eBooks sell for only Ph Pesos 100 per title, delivered immediately via email as soon as buyer emails payment details (date and claim reference number preferably Cebuana Lhuillier). Photo above is cover of one of the volumes contained in 2-in-1 Healing Book. The other volume is Healing in Linac.

eBooks News

Dec. 3, 2015

Wordweaver Launches Inspiring eBooks

Wordweaver, a week after emerging as one of six finalists under fiction category in the recent Philippine Blogging Awards, launched an online bookstore that bears the same name. Searchable at, Wordweaver offers inspiring ebooks that heal and empower readers to live creative lives.

Cymbeline Villamin is the blogger-Wordweaver, a former supervising science research specialist at Department of Science and Technology turned independent publisher and CEO of Inspiration eBooks.

According to Wordweaver, target readers for their ebooks are mainly women in their 50s and above, who are probably past their pursuits of money, honor and pleasures; and are now in search of wisdom, peace and true joy.

eBooks Adventure

“Our ebooks are user-friendly,” says the CEO of Wordweaver, “these are in PDF (portable document format) files that can be read and printed using the AdobeReader, a software that most computers have. Most browsers like GoogleChrome, Firefox and Safari have a PDF viewer bundled in their system. AdobeReader can be downloaded for free from its website at .

“It is easy to purchase from Wordweaver online store. Just click on the title on the list and add it to the online basket; check out, accept the terms and conditions, and you will receive a confirmation receipt that your order is being processed. Pay at your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch and then email us the date of payment and claim number. That’s it, we will send the ebook to your email inbox as attached file.

“From your PC or laptop, you can upload a copy to your tablet or Android / Smart phone so that you can read your ebook anytime, anywhere, anyhow whether you’re in bed, riding a vehicle that’s caught in traffic, or sitting at your doctor or dentist’s waiting area.

“Some phones and tablets have a night mode functionality that allows you to read in a darkened room to induce sleep.”

Why eBooks?

The Wordweaver CEO also cites the worldwide trend among readers to choose ebooks over the traditional print books.

“eBooks are less than half the price of print books-- Wordweaver ebooks cost only Ph Pesos 100.00 per title-- and are convenient to use. You can store hundreds of ebooks on your device and carry them with you anywhere, anytime.

“Fiction finds a perfect medium in ebooks. Fiction educates humanity in unique ways than all the philosophy-history-science combined. Pres. Obama himself talked about how reading novels had made an impact on his life.”

Wordweaver ebooks are creative narratives. It also offers “Pentimento” (Italian for “Repentance”) Filipino fiction, “Sa Pusod ng Tokyo,” currently being translated into English.

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